Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Missing facts

I have been searching for a while trying to find out where Major Brumfield died and how to connect Major Brumfield and his son William.

The genealogy is supposedly this.

James Brumfield married to Peshee Sutton
his son
James Brumfield married to Elizabeth Watson
his son
Major Brumfield married to Ann.  Some say Cobb or Cobbs, but I have not found proof of her last name.
his son
William Brumfield married to Polly Butler
his son
Isaac Brumfield married to Letitia Mayhew
his son
Vincent Brumfield married to Mildred Bobbitt
his son
John Foreman Brumfield married to Eliza Dalton
his daughter
Velma Brumfield married to Ira Lee Dalton

I have no documentation for the first two Brumfield's connection.  I have a  copy of a deed connecting Major as James's son which was recorded in Amelia County.  I have no documentation proving that William is Major's son.  I have no documentation proving that Isaac is William's son.  Everything is proved after Isaac.  I have all the proof of Vincent, John and Velma.  This looks pretty pitiful, but there has to be proof out there somewhere.  It just will take longer than I thought.   All this information has been documented in several family stories, but I will need the right documents not just heresay.  I think that I will back track and start with Isaac.  I know that he is buried in Pittsylvania County.  I believe that there may be a chance that both William and Major moved to Kentucky or Tennessee.  Several members of their family had moved there earlier and Major may have sold all his property in Pittsylvania County before moving away.

More later.

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