Friday, April 27, 2012

George W Brumfield notes

Last year a member of the Brumfield family passed away.  He was George William Brumfield 93.  A native of Jessamine County, Kentucky.  Below is his obituary.

He use to write my Aunt Judy all the time and he would always talk about the Brumfield Genealogy.  She has generously given me his letters and I am going to transcribe them to the best of my ability.

From George Brumfield Letter
John born 1740 son of William left Virginia in 1789 and came to Fayette County, Kentucky with him was the balance of his and Elizabeth Morton's(Elizabeth Morton was the daugher of Samuel and Delphia Morton that lived near Farmville, Va, somewhere around Round Pond.   children:  Obediah  1774,  Sarah Elizabeth 1777, Moses 1783, and John Jr. 1786.  Their two older sons William 1769 and Joel 1771 had already come to Fayette County, Kentucky in 1787.  Only two of the family died here Joel died 1850 and Moses died 1860.  Sarah had married J Gritton.  She died 1806 in Mercer County, Kentucky.
Only Moses' grave is known all the others are buried in unknown graves.
Mercer County, Kentucky
Robert Brumfield's family and descendants.
Obediah b 1785 and wife Nancy Crowe bried in old union graved at Doctor's Fork   near Perryville.  His son James born 1806 buried in Perryville, Kentucky.  These are the cousins to Abraham Lincoln the President the the William 1778 and Nancy Lincoln marriage 1780   of 1801 in Mercer County, Kentucky.

It is believed that Thomas Brumfield came to Jamestown, Virginia in search of his uncle James Brumfield born 1592, who stole his way on Capt John Smith's boat in 1609.  This James(1592) is known as the Cabin Boy and in Jamestown, Capt. John and James applied  for a land grant.  James(1592) was killed by an Indian in 1640

In another letter he stated that the family started in 1672 in Jamestown, Virginia.  James Brumfield born 1647 married Patience Sutton born 1651 in Jamestown and Thomas Brumfield was their only witness to the wedding.  There is no date of death or location.  Robert Brumfield married Susannah Coatran and  James Brumfield married Elizabeth Watson.  Daughter of John watson of Virginia.   John Watson died 1742 and Robt. Brumfield died 1745.  James Brumfield died 1755 near Farmville, Virginia on Sailor Creek.
James and Elizabeth Watson Brumfield had four sons William  (1718-1799) James (1722-1803)  West Virginia, Robert (1724-1794) in Mercer Kentucky and Major Brumfield (1730-1815) Virginia.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Brumfield information

More about the Brumfields

Well, I have been searching for Vincent Brumfield in the Civil War and I have got to say that we probably have already found him

I found a Vincent Broomfield in the following site and I have been
researching the 53rd at the following sites:  This is Company G.  There is no mention of a Brumfield or Broomfield in this list.  This article refers to Company I and a notebook kept by Robert Ferguson and some information on Chatham Greys.
While looking for the 53rd information, I found a list of the dead from Pittsylvania County and Danville, Va.  It a terrible long list.

I must admit that I may be spending too much time on this.  If anyone should know for certain what confederate   regiment Vincent Brumfield served, please write.

Also, I am attaching a photo of James Brumfield and his wife.  He went to Ohio and returned, but she did not.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vincent Henry Brumfield

Vincent H Brumfield was the son of Isaac Brumfield.  He was born around 1834 and he married Millie Bobbitt.  During the 1850's Vincent and his wife moved to Indiana where they lived until 1860.  In 1860, they moved back to Pittsylvania County and there they lived and died.

He served in the Confederacy, but I am having a problem finding him.  I believe that his name could be misspelled.  I have tried Brumfield, but I have not found a Vincent in the list.  I have also tried Bromfield and Broomfield.  The only Vincent I found was Vincent Broomfield that enlisted in the 53rd Virginia Regiment.  I found him at this link  I also looked in this website  He wasn't in Company G of the 53rd.  There were many men from Pittsylvania County in that regiment, but he wasn't on the website list.
I also looked at  No mention on that website either.  As I keep plodding through different websites, I keep getting shot down.  I looked up the Pittsylvania County, Virginia genealogy website and it had nothing about a Brumfield in the Civil War.

Could I have been mistaken about their residence during the Civil War.  Everyone said that he fought in the war.  Could it be that he fought for the North?  I really don't think so.  It was told to me that he was back in Virginia before 1861.  However, the 1860 census has him living in Ohio.

Okay.  So I went to the Library of Virginia Digital Collection and looked under the confederate disability pension collection.  I found no Vincent Brumfield, Broomfield or Bromfield located in that collection either.
And for good measure I also searched the Digital Collection and came up empty.

Now I must move on the  Someone else may have found something that I have been unable to locate.  Now remember I have found a Vincent Bromfield in the 53rd Va Regiment.  This could be our relative, but I am not sure.  So far I have had no luck finding anyone that has Vincent Brumfield's military record in their tree.

I suppose I should try Fold 3 and Mocavo next.  More tomorrow.

More Pictures for Brumfield Grave Markers

 John Foreman Brumfield and Eliza Dalton Brumfield above
Children of John Foreman and Eliza

 David McDowell Brumfield
 Annie M Brumfield
Ollie R and Ruby D Brumfield

Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Brumfield Pictures from the Past

 Carrie Brumfield Pillow and Opie Pillow
 Velma Brumfield
 John Foreman Brumfield

My Aunt Judy provided me with these pictures and I hope that you enjoy them.  I had written down their names in a notebook and then left it behind in Virginia.  I will contact Judy later on to get all the names.  Hopefully I now have a picture of all of John Foreman Brumfield's children.