Friday, November 1, 2013

Thomas Henry Brumfield

This is a picture of Thomas Henry Brumfield.  My Aunt Judy sent this to me.  It was given to her by Virginia Brumfield and by the article (I don't know what publication.)  it was contributed by Dean Ab-Hough of North Carolina.

He is buried in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, but I don't know where.  Apparently his wife is buried in the same place.  He is the brother of Vincent Brumfield.  They are the sons of Isaac Brumfield.  He married Eliza Ann Midkiff.  I checked the census of 1850 and he was at home with his mother Letty and his sisters and brothers which included Vincent and Henry.  I can't find him in the 1860 census.  He would have been 24.  Could he have moved with his family to Ohio.  I will check and see.  He is the younger brother of Vincent.
I found a Thomas H. Brumfield and Byrd Brumfield that enlisted in the US Army during the civil war.  They were living in Russian River, Northern District of California.  I don't think this is him.  I found a 1860 Federal Census for a George Brumfield living with his wife Ann in California.  They had two older boys that were Thomas and Byrd Brumfield.  I think these are the two that enlisted in US Army.  They may have been cousins.  George Brumfield was from Virginia and his wife Ann was from Ohio.  You can't beat that coincidence.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Major Brumfields and others

This week I went to Culpeper County Va Courthouse to look for information about Major Brumfield's marriage to Ann Cobbs.  I am sorry to say I could not find a thing.  I looked in will books, deed books, minute books.  If there was an old book out there I looked at it.  So I think it is safe to say that I will have to look elsewhere for Major Brumfield's marriage.  I just hope I can find it.  I also visited the Culpeper County Museum and the Culpeper County Library.  I didn't find any information at the Museum, but I did buy three books.   The books were An 18th Century Perspective:Culpeper County Compiled and Edited by Mary Stevens Jones, Early Churches of Culpeper County, Virginia: Colonial and Ante-Bellum Congregations by Arthur Dicken Thomas Jr, and Angus McDonald Green and Culpeper A Virginia County's History through 1920 by Eugene M. Scheel.  While they might not help with my Brumfield family genealogy; hopefully, they will help with another.
Culpeper County was cut off from Orange County in 1748.  There is a possibility that he might be there.  But first I want to visit Amelia Courthouse where I know he lived for several years.