Friday, September 20, 2013

Major Brumfields and others

This week I went to Culpeper County Va Courthouse to look for information about Major Brumfield's marriage to Ann Cobbs.  I am sorry to say I could not find a thing.  I looked in will books, deed books, minute books.  If there was an old book out there I looked at it.  So I think it is safe to say that I will have to look elsewhere for Major Brumfield's marriage.  I just hope I can find it.  I also visited the Culpeper County Museum and the Culpeper County Library.  I didn't find any information at the Museum, but I did buy three books.   The books were An 18th Century Perspective:Culpeper County Compiled and Edited by Mary Stevens Jones, Early Churches of Culpeper County, Virginia: Colonial and Ante-Bellum Congregations by Arthur Dicken Thomas Jr, and Angus McDonald Green and Culpeper A Virginia County's History through 1920 by Eugene M. Scheel.  While they might not help with my Brumfield family genealogy; hopefully, they will help with another.
Culpeper County was cut off from Orange County in 1748.  There is a possibility that he might be there.  But first I want to visit Amelia Courthouse where I know he lived for several years.

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