Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beginning Brumfield Blog

Almost two years ago I began my blogspot Genealogy: Our Astounding Past.  I have over two hundred pages in that blogspot and I believe that some information is getting lost.  So I am going to try in the next few months to separate all the families into different blog areas and keep the original blogspot for stories about research and etc.
In this blogspot I will be addressing my grandmother Velma Brumfield Dalton's family.  They were also from Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  She married Ira Lee Dalton.

Here is a picture of Grand mama with her great great granddaughter Morgan in the year 2000.

And here is Grand mama with Morgan Dalton, Janice Poole, Judy Dalton in the front row
and Leslie Dalton, Velma Dalton and Atha Bailey in the back row.  Judy and Atha are her daughters, Janice is her granddaughter, Leslie is her great grand daughter and Morgan is her great great granddaughter.

Velma Olvis Brumfield was born in Sycamore, Virginia to John Brumfield and Lizy Patt Dalton on August 6, 1913.  She passed away in Gretna, Virginia on November 3, 2001.

She had three daughters  Atha Bell, Judy Lee and Brenda Olvis.  She had one son Glenwood.

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